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You won’t remember life before wireless power.

Today’s power system must deal with a number of stressors that power system engineers of 100 years ago would have never conceived. Many are pushing for a change in how the electricity grid is managed, giving utilities and system operators plenty of new challenges to solve to maintain reliability. Traditional power utility companies are focused on demand, bottlenecks, and security. Even if their most brilliant engineering minds concentrate to correct these inefficiencies, the environment still suffers in the process.

Besides, battery-dependent Electric Vehicle or Hybrid owner create enormous “range anxiety” because of the frequent need to recharge batteries and the significant time to adequately charge the vehicles to reach desired destinations. Green Brain’s patented technology will eliminate the numerous anxieties among EV and Hybrid owners as well as provide significant convenience to all those with handheld smartphones, tablets, laptops and the many other devices requiring electrical power.


You walk into the lobby of your favourite hotel to check in. Once you have your room key, it’s time to unwind. GreenBrain allows you to charge your devices throughout your stay, whether you’re cooling off in the pool or relaxing on the golf course.

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles are great for the environment, yet pose problems for those who have longer commutes or take frequent long distance trips. GreenBrain will rectify this problem, as we can deliver energy to your vehicle while you are driving. No more lengthy detours to recharge or planning vacations around where the nearest charging station is…GreenBrain delivers.


GreenBrain can provide electricity to emergency services and disaster relief when needed, as well as feed energy back into the grid for the use of municipalities and local governments.

Public Transport

GreenBrain can provide Public Transport with an easy way to electrify, and thus save money and the environment. Buses, trains, trolleys and trams, all can be powered by GreenBrain. This cuts down on pollution, noise, and downtime for refueling. With the advent of autonomous vehicles, electrification is inevitable.


GreenBrain can solve all the problems of battery-powered medical devices such as pacemakers, neuromodulation, neurostimulation, drug and cardiac pumps, cochlear implants and numerous other monitoring applications. The risks of infection, as well as the pain and stress associated with repeated surgeries, are all avoided.