A constellation of future thinking and environmentally responsible product solutions based on Greenbrain's WPTN patent.

This solution powers devices wirelessly, both while stationary or moving, as part of a service that communicates and operates much like a cellular network.
Our ‘Wireless Power Transmission Network’ is the brilliant integration of efficient, safe wireless power transfer technology products and proprietary communications systems.

Green Brain's patented WPTN allows us to transfer energy, wirelessly, over distance and without the inefficiencies and negative environmental impact of traditional power grid technology. No longer mired in the delays of deploying or managing a wired infrastructure, we will deliver electricity on demand to multiple devices for a variety of applications.

How it works

Easy, revolutionary, safe, wireless.

A single source can transfer energy to more than one device, even when the devices have different power requirements. The distance range of efficient energy transfer can be extended significantly through the use of resonant repeaters that enable energy to “hop” between them much like handoffs between sites in a wireless power network.

Green Brain's Power Antenna Station (PAS) harvests ambient energy and converts into usable power thanks to specially designed magnetic resonators.
Green Brain starts authentication from Android app, once WISE power card is tapped.
Authentication data are sent to Cloud for verification. Then Cloud sends on command to PAS and Pas transmits power to WISE power card.
Wireless charging occurs from PAS to Android via WISE power card.